the beginning and for type 2 diabetes Diabetes Type 2 diabetes called non-insulin dependent, as for many years the patient may not need treatment with insulin.The pancreas produces insulin for a long time and "throws" it in the blood - all as expected.However, cells tissues and organs that do not respond to insulin.The result is a paradoxical situation: in the blood and can be a lot of glucose and insulin, and the cells thus "starving."

Unlike diabetes type 1 diabetes , type 2 diabetes begins ... who knows when.The fact that the detection of human high blood glucose levels can defend time from onset of the disease for several years.

Type 2 diabetes begins with the fact that the cells of organs and tissues become insensitive or unresponsive to insulin - this is called insulin resistance (from the Latin word resistere - «resist"; as if the cells resist the action of insulin).This, of course, is not the complete and absolute immunity - in this case, the person would have died immediately, and abuse of the work of insulin receptors, causi

ng the bad cells "take" glucose from the blood.Accordingly, the glucose level should be improved, but at first it does not, because the body compensates for this state of enhanced production of insulin, which is still "makes" cells "take" glucose, despite their "resistance".At this stage of the disease in humans has no complaints, but the pathologic process is "running" and "the time has gone."This is especially true risk of macrovascular complications.

Subsequently, either due to the fact that the pancreas is exhausted, or because the cells worse metabolize glucose level of blood increases.At this stage, the specific symptoms of diabetes is also still very difficult to recognize small thirst and a slight increase in urine output go unnoticed, weight loss in type 2 diabetes usually does not occur, and if it happens, just for the joy of the patient (as the majority of people falling illdiabetes are overweight).What any complaints people are turning to a variety of specialists.Some women are treated for many years a gynecologist about itching vulva, sensation of dryness in the crotch.More often turn to a dermatologist with complaints of itching , surveyed about the allergy "is not clear on that."Others are constantly treated by dentists about sores or periodontal disease.

Many people in the "run-up» diabetes marked tendency to infection and suppuration even small scratches and abrasions, boils, itchy skin.One of the early signs of latent diabetes be anal itching.

often first detected diabetes eye doctor when patients come with complaints of transient visual disturbances.Sometimes diabetes diagnoses surgeon when the patient already has sores on his feet.And very often the diagnosis "type 2 diabetes" - the lot cardiologist.Three recent cases - it is already late complications of diabetes.Meanwhile, it is late complications (especially cardiovascular disease ) make diabetes such an insidious disease.

Can I still in time to make a diagnosis "diabetes"?It turns out that there is little, as long as the time when detected as increased blood sugar, diabetes has long "to go".Very often, increased blood sugar levels detected by chance at the biochemical analysis of blood made on another occasion (such as the reason, again, is often a complication of diabetes later ).

Of course, it is better late than never.But sooner diabetes becomes obvious (for the patient), the sooner you can take action.And some categories of people have every reason to not wait for any symptoms from time to time to donate blood "sugar."

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