recent study by researchers at University College London (UCL), it was noted that people with mild cognitive impairment much more likely to develop dementia if they are diagnosed with diabetes or certain psychiatric symptoms (eg, depression ).

dementia Mild cognitive impairment - a kind of intermediate state, linking the normal course of the aging process and dementia, when the mind is functioning a little worse than expected for age.With mild cognitive impairment 19% of people are facing in the age of sixty and older.Such disorders result in 46% of them (as compared to three percent of the general population) over the next three years to develop dementia.

researchers analyzed data of 62 independent studies with many participants around 16 000 people who had mild cognitive impairment.Researchers have found that in patients with diabetes, with such disorders, dementia progresses in 65 cases out of a hundred, and in patients with psychiatric symptoms propensity for the disease is increased in two times.

Dr. Claudia Cooper noted the close relationship between mental and physical health, ie,maintaining physical fitness allows you to maintain the proper level and mental health.Therefore, some lifestyle changes - improving the quality of the diet, mood - will help to avoid the development of dementia in many patients who have mild cognitive impairment.This does not mean that such actions will lower individual risk, but some benefit, they still bring.

to prevent the progression of dementia, it is necessary that such individuals do not avoid physical activity and continues to be socially active.

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