big challenge clinical trials, according to scientists, is the formation of the sample: doctors barely gaining a small group of subjects, though, says Dr. Kathryn Schmitz of the University of Pennsylvania, sent a lot of letters with the request to participate in any study.As a result, respond no more than 5% of invitees.

Diabetes Research

Apple will be able to help solve this problem with the help of iPhones, turning them into an instrument of medical research, allowing data to attract many millions of users of different ages and lifestyles.According to Jeff Williams, vice president of the company, to develop ResearchKit attended by 12 leading research institutions.Already presented five of its application - the future of medical information transmission channels of Apple's smartphone users medical researchers.Applications dealing with specific diseases (Parkinson's disease, diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer), are now available for download.They contain information about the institutions, conduc

ting research, medical video message, explaining the aims and objectives of the experiments.Once registered, the user can start the test using the iPhone sensors and electronic form.

Appendix Parkinson mPower Study App is designed for the study of Parkinson's disease, and includes a corresponding set of samples.One trial involves a short touch of the touch screen for 20 seconds alternately with two fingers at maximum speed.This information is sent to the scientists.The second takes into account the balance of the test sample in a sitting position and walking.This will help the gyroscope iPhone placed in a pocket.Through headphones the user is instructed by the number of steps or the time sitting.Still there is a short test as long as possible pronunciation sound "Ahhh ...".Microphone record result including the intensity and duration.

for diabetes research using application GlucoSuccess, where patients with pre-diabetic condition and diagnosed diabetes may share your information according to the level of glucose, to make notes in a food diary, share data about physical activity.

All applications are designed for users in the United States.The information is sent directly to physicians, bypassing Apple.

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