Fathers and Sons Scientists School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina showed that his personality, the presence of hereditary diseases by 80%, we are obliged to his father, but not both parents as genetics previously thought.The occurrence of cardiovascular disease, schizophrenia, diabetes, obesity, cancer, depend on the kind of symptoms observed in our fathers.Paternal genetic material of the human body uses more readily and more completely than the mother.

Genetics Professor Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena, author of the study, notes that up to now scientists knew of 95 genes involved in hereditary diseases in different ways manifest themselves depending on the origin.Now it turns out that such powers have thousands of genes.There are genes responsible for the production of proteins.Typically, each protein for the creation of several genes responsible.The correctness of its structure largely depends not on the individual performance of each gene, and by their interactions.In the production of proteins

involved dozens of different programs to control each other.Even the simplest options there are at least two genes - paternal and maternal.Previously, scientists believed that they equally affect each other.Now, however, it found that the work of the parent gene in 80% of cases, the gene controls the father.That is why our fathers are responsible for genetic diseases, variability and individuality.Mom gives us life: every cell of our body is an exact copy of the mother cell, within which operate paternal genes.

This discovery makes it possible in the future to suppress the expression of existing genetic diseases, directing therapy to specific genes, not taking into account the mother's genetic diseases, which will increase the probability of absolutely healthy offspring.A gene engineers do not have to learn complex combination of interaction of thousands of genes - will be enough for the "programming" of a healthy child to correct a mutation on chromosome father.

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