deficit sleep Researchers found that just half an hour of sleep loss affects body weight and metabolic processes in the body.Scientists from the University of Chicago Michigan watched the 552 patients diagnosed with Type II diabetes .At the first stage of the study participants established height, waist circumference, weight, blood is examined for sensitivity to insulin.All volunteers kept diaries of sleep.Six months later, it was established relationship between insufficient sleep time, obesity, insulin resistance.During the years researchers found that the daily 30 minute sleep deficiency increases the risk of obesity by 17% and the risk of insulin resistance by 39%.

The authors suggest that the lack of sleep should be considered in violation of metabolism along with other factors that influence the metabolic functions.It is possible that in future tests in the study of metabolic control sleep hygiene will play a key role.

According to Professor Shakhrad Tejera, sleep disturbance is widespread in modern society

, but its metabolic consequences became known only in the last decade.Deficiency of sleep impairs the metabolism and increases the amount of thallium, while adequate sleep promotes weight loss and prevents diabetes.

The research results were published in the journal Diabetologia.They demonstrated that insomnia fatty acid content in the blood is increased, thereby reducing the ability of insulin in regulating the period of four to nine o'clock.Blood sugar naturally not normally fit.

in December 2014 in the journal Pediatrics published a study proved that sleep deprivation causes respiratory problems in children and leads to obesity in the age of fifteen.Professor Karen BONUCA noted that sleep disturbance in childhood - the cause of child obesity in the future.Therefore, in time to take corrective measures can prevent obesity.

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