A new study shows that insulin treatment of children in early childhood, can delay or prevent the disease diabetes, but more research is needed.

Type 1 diabetes in children

international study of a small number of children aged 2-7 years who are at risk of developing type 1 diabetes , found that the use of high doses of children oral insulin is often used to treat diabetes can prevent the development of disease.

study is important because about 80,000 children aged 20 years and younger have type 1 diabetes, a disease that develops when the body's immune system attacks and destroys the beta cells in the pancreas.As a consequence, the body stops producing insulin.

insulin - a hormone that the body needs to convert glucose - a form of sugar that the body takes away from the foods that we eat - into energy.Without insulin, glucose builds up to dangerous levels and can lead to serious damage, such as loss of vision and kidney problems.

What if we could prevent, not just to treat type 1 diabetes?
idea underlying the clinical

trial was the fact that, perhaps, as an injection from allergies, the use of insulin for children who are at risk of diabetes could help them create and maintain tolerance in children's immune system from destroying cells.The test used a higher dose of insulin for the possible prevention of Type 1 diabetes than was used in previous studies.

required further testing
The researchers found that almost all the children who received high doses of insulin had a protective immune response, while as only one third of children in lower doses had a reaction.Although the results do not necessarily mean that children will not develop the disease, researchers have found it sufficiently promising to conduct additional tests.

study increases the enthusiasm to move forward cautiously, studying primary prevention in genetically susceptible children.

future looks a little brighter
biggest question may be: "Is the treatment safe?"."While no therapy is not benign, but we know that insulin has a good safety profile."With the rise of type 1 diabetes diagnosis, treatment and prevention, which can help delay or prevent the onset of illness are invaluable.Diabetes is very difficult to manage, so to prevent, delay, or even the weakening of disease is very important.

There is more interest in carrying out the study, which could begin in the next couple of years.

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