their income and expenses reported retired from Aktau Vladimir Petrovich Volinkin:

I am a disabled group II.Retirees with a lot of diseases: oncology, two heart attacks, diabetes (insulin sit on), liver disease, prostate and neurological disease.

my pension of 27 thousand tenge.

Aktau live since 1972.The total length of service of 36 years, 24 of them, on the hazardous work.

I according to the law removed the harmful 5 years time, according to the law added a three-year retirement.By law took away all the benefits.I do not have any privileges.Before giving a premium to the pension of 1200 tenge, now there is.We destroy our society people with disabilities.

Food prices are growing, and growing healthy.Disconnect the phone for non-payment.

Addressed three times a letter to the president, once the Prime Minister.

Office of the President sent my message to the regional akimat, from there to the city rerouted.

This year, the city administration provided support in the amount of 7000 tenge.

me my pension is not enough for food, medicines and other essentials, and even more for utilities.

During Soviet times, I was an honorary donor permanently free of donated blood.Honest work for the prosperity of Kazakhstan.And now concerning itself see any elements of genocide by the state.

WHAT TO DO?I live with my health remains very little.But I want to live just a little human.

Sincerely, Volinkin Vladimir Petrovich.

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