Tuesday, March 15 on the eve of the session of the City Council took action to support the preservation of the city on the basis of the endocrine department of the city hospital №2.

emotionally told the participants of the event one of the organizers Olga Timofeeva, last Thursday, March 10 the chairman of the SSGA Valery Saratov announced plans to deploy endocrinology beds on the basis of department of purulent surgery of the 4th city hospital, located on the North side.Now, people with disabilities, for example, from Balaklava, you need to change modes 4-5.

Such a decision, according to the organizers of the rally, will ultimately lead to an increase in the number of cases of decompensation of diabetes mellitus and increase of disability and mortality of patients.

Released to the protesters head of the Department of Health SSGA Victor Pologov tried to give an explanation, but he was not allowed to speak.Therefore, the position of the officials, he told reporters:

- Today, those patients who are i

n intensive care in the future have to be translated into follow-up care in endocrine department, that is to go through half the town.But if the condition deteriorates again, we are again in their half of the city will transport.I believe that the tactics of the transportation of patients to and fro radically flawed.After resuscitation, patients should dolechivatsya the first city hospital, where there is round the clock service.Doctors Endocrinology Department misinformed patients: all beds remain.Moreover, in the city hospital 4 creates a diabetic center where patients can be treated at the European level.


picketers unhappy with this opinion, adding that the isolation of the Endocrinology Department of medical-diagnostic complex 2nd city hospital (ul.Eroshenko 11) will destroy the structure of the institution.Subsequently, this decision may lead to the closure of the therapeutic department with 60 beds, which serves not only the population of the two major metropolitan areas, but also veterans, war veterans, disabled veterans and labor.

O.Timofeeva It adds, for the past ten months, the authorities have stated that the reorganization of the 7th city hospital will not lead to the reorganization of the departments.The result of the safety of endocrinology department can already be observed.

- The building is a private clinic "Bonus".Based on the decision of the City Council PE "Bonus" enjoy the benefits of rent for non-residential premises an area of ​​617.4 square meters, which is 6593.35 USD per month - continues O.Timofeeva.- But even with such privileges PE "Bonus" is in arrears of rent of more than 260 thousand UAH, as well as unpaid bills.Despite this, in late 2010, a private clinic was extended a lease for 10 years.Why the detriment of the public interest, to the detriment of thousands of sick people company "Bonus" are such preferences?

commented founder and director of the clinic "Bonus" Sergei Yakovchenko.All charges against the clinic he called coarse slander: rent "Bonus" makes time and in full;and the reorganization of endocrinology - an objective necessity.

Source: Sevastopol newspaper

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