Pskov Regional Assembly Committee on Labor and Social Policy on the eve of the session of the regional parliament on January 25 examined a bill on amending the law field "On measures of social support for the drug provision of certain categories of citizens residing in the Pskov region."As the correspondent of the Pskov Information Agency, now citizens are suffering diabetes , receive social support only in the drug provision introduced by the amendments to the law provide for the right of citizens to preferential provision of medical supplies for outpatient treatment - test strips, insulin syringes, such as "NovoPen" "Plivapen" 1 and 2, needled thereto diagnostics.

Committee Chairman Viktor Antonov said that the story of the benefits in the long-standing medical products."In 2007 was passed this law," very soon ", after 4 years, the Assembly has received from prosecutors region that the regional law unjustifiably excludes the right to provide certain categories of citizens medical products, as pr

ovided in the federal legislation", -he said.Consider amendments to the law are intended to rectify this omission.

Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for the field of health care and pharmacy Olga Kotin said that changes made to the law relating to groups of patients with diabetes .Today, the dispensary Registered in the area is 15.5 thousand. Such patients, with federal benefits receive 4 thousand. 207 people.Total for the implementation of the law will require from the regional budget to allocate 55 million rubles.

members of the committee decided to recommend to colleagues at the meeting to adopt the proposed document in the second reading.

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