Often, people with diabetes apply a lot of effort in order to achieve perfect control of their condition, but sooner or later, they all come to the conclusion that the ideal - not reachable.However, it is not necessary!

Many scientific studies show that the quality control diabetes compare the results of treatment with the ideal.In other words, the difference between a good treatment of diabetes and the ideal - is negligible.

perfect diabetes control is not possible!

There are several compelling reasons why you should be more realistic in setting goals for the control of diabetes:

1. None of us are perfect
in everyone's life there are days when you can not do anything because of fatigue, distractionor just forgetfulness.If every time reproach himself in this, that you are your own to spoil the mood, and that can affect your health.As a result, because some may have problems trifle, which easily could be avoided.Do not focus on the little things.

2. Monitor all is not possible
Even if you make every effort to achieve the perfect control still does not work, simply because your body and blood sugar level may respond differently to treatment, despite the identical procedures.No matter how you try, they are factors that can not be influenced in any way and they can interfere with the results closer to the ideal.

3. Better - the enemy of good
quality and regular monitoring of blood glucose levels in combination with diet and physical activity is already quite a good way to maintain good health.Good blood sugar control reduces the risk of diabetes complications, as well as an ideal.Considering this fact, it is possible to avoid unnecessary stress associated with a natural desire to perfect condition.

4. Perfectionism - a direct path to defeat

Many of those who are trying to perfect control over diabetes, resulting in lower hands from the realization that it is impossible.

correct understanding of life in diabetes

With this approach, much easier to live, because it allows you to pay more attention to what you get is good, and not focus on the mistakes.Do not make indexes of blood glucose obsession.Even if you do not know your numbers, try to understand why.Do not be discouraged, just learn from our mistakes, analyze what is happening, draw conclusions and move on, enjoying life in spite of everything.

If you can not or you just do not want to do anything of what you have planned, for example, take a walk, do not spoil yourself out of this mood.Move it the next day, and on this day in compensation, you can more closely monitor their diet.This positive attitude will allow you to continue your journey in the intended direction.

for successful diabetes management is very important to set a goal - not to do the impossible, and it is possible that forces everyone.To improve self-esteem needs to be given as much attention is the fact that it turns out well.As is known, high strength and self gives the treatment and control of diabetes.

If you think that you can not control your condition optimally, do not be afraid to admit it.In this case, ask for help from a therapist, dietitian or diabetes teacher from the school.You can also refer to the authoritative sources of information (books, journals, websites).

working on yourself, remember that the control of diabetes - is hard work.So far, for it do not give medals or awards, so every day to celebrate their small victories: in thoughts shrug his arm, slaps on the back, smile and be proud of yourself.Instead of striving for perfect control, and a constant focus on the good result and you will see how much easier it would be to live!

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