Always keep taking insulin if you are ill or have a fever, even if you are not able to eat.Under these circumstances, you may need to reduce the dose of insulin.

Temperature diabetes disease, especially with temperature and fever, can quickly affect your blood sugar level and lead to ketoacidosis .This is a dangerous condition that must be treated immediately, even though you're sick.Do not forget to measure the temperature, check the level of sugar in the blood and urine check / blood ketones at least every 2 - 3 hours when you are sick.

If you have a fever, and blood sugar level is more than 15 mmol / L, add 2 - 4 units of short-acting insulin in addition to your usual dose of insulin to prevent the formation of ketones.

If you have both a high level of blood sugar and ketones in the blood / urine, you should continue taking a low dose of short-acting insulin every 2 - 4 hours until ketones will not go away, and blood sugar levels fall below 10 mg / dL.You should also remember to drink plenty of fluids.Eat a small am

ount of sugary drinks, such as juice, at regular intervals to maintain blood sugar levels, as well as plenty of water or drinks without sugar.

If you have vomiting and blood sugar low , it is very important that you eat or drink something sweet.Try sucking on hard candy or glucose or drink small sips of sweet liquid.

If your blood sugar is low, because you have vomiting, may also appear ketones in your blood / urine.They are called "ketones hungry."These ketones are not dangerous.They disappear when you eat without taking insulin.It is often necessary to take less insulin when you vomit.

You may need to adjust the dose of insulin or take a different type of insulin when you are sick.If you have a fever, you may need more insulin than usual.Even if you have a poor appetite, blood sugar levels may be normal or high.

You should never be afraid to call an ambulance to the house.Call if you have any vomiting or severe stomach pain.Remember that taking care of your diabetes is one part of the treatment of the disease.

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