Cellulite - a very serious purulent inflammation is different from most other skin diseases that it spreads under the skin, not on the surface.This disease affects not only the fabric but also the fat, which is located under the skin.Despite the fact that cellulite is not contagious, it has the ability to be very easily at any time.In the case of people with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, a violation of the skin it is not necessary to develop cellulite.

Cellulite on the legs Cellulitis can occur anywhere on the body, but the most common sites are the face, hands and feet.Old men and children as a rule - those who have developed cellulite on her face.These are serious incidents, since some of them can progress to meningitis, if purulent inflammation penetrates the skull.

Cellulite, which is formed when the skin is not broken, usually occurs in people whose immune system is weakened.A striking example of this is diabetes.This is a dangerous scenario, as the condition may deteriorate rapidly due diabetes , because a diabetic has a lower ability to recover from infections.

One extreme form of cellulite occurs in the eye area.Painted in red rash formed around the eyelids and, if not treated, is moving further into the orbit.This condition has been found to be caused by bacteria.In this disease, it is important to immediately seek medical help, or a person may suffer permanent eye damage and even meningitis.

Diabetics should be careful with cellulite due to the fact that most often it occurs in the skin of feet and includes a serious infection through a break in the skin.Both these facts - sensitive issues for diabetics and may complicate recovery.Another problem is that the cellulite can move into the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, if you base your recovery alone antibiotics, it does not always work due to the fact that antibiotics are working much more slowly than the rate at which spreads itself cellulite.If cellulite is getting really heavy, infected tissue may need to be surgically removed.If the infection continues, the tissue removal may be the only way to prevent it from spreading through the rest of the body.

cellulite treatment can vary depending on the actual cause of cellulitis;as a serious case of the disease, and several other factors.To the affected area, you may need to apply warm compresses.If it is not a serious case, the patient noted improvement in a few days.You can find here with cosmetology equipment for anti-cellulite body wraps and professional cosmetics for your body.

high blood sugar level, combined with a poor circulation , exposes your skin all over the body ... ... risk of infection, ranging from yeast to infection of an open wound.Many skin diseases, patients susceptible to diabetes.In these cases, it is always better to consult a doctor as soon as you find skin problems.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle now, then in the future you will be able to avoid the development of serious skin problems.

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