How do I make self blood glucose For many people suffering from diabetes , it is very important to measure and determine what their blood glucose levels throughout the day.In fact, it is - a must for patients using insulin, including pregnant women, being diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy.Typically, these individuals are advised to monitor their blood glucose twice or three times a day.The main reason, which requires glycated hemoglobin analyzer , is to prevent any hypoglycemic episode due to the use of insulin, in combination with other risk factors such as stress, a missed meal or time-consuming work.

Another reason why self may be used is to make a table or a graph regarding blood glucose levels for a certain period of time.This can be important information for an endocrinologist to determine how effective therapeutic regimen for your diabetes.

How do I make self blood glucose?

Although glucometers may be slightly different instructions, we will try to describe basic steps that you must perform in order to control

blood sugar levels.

1 self-monitoring of blood glucose
Make sure you have everything you need for self-control of blood glucose.
2 self-monitoring of blood glucose
Wash and wipe dry with your hands.
3 self-monitoring of blood glucose
Take a blood sample from the fingertip using the Lancet, found in the kit.
4 self-monitoring of blood glucose
Place a drop of blood on a test strip.
5 self-monitoring of blood glucose
Activate your meter and insert the strip into the slot.
6 self-monitoring of blood glucose
Record time and dimension to your reports for possible later consideration.

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