Everyone knows that our life is impossible without water .All living things, including plants, are at risk in the case of deprivation of the desired source.

Water is a natural medicine man when feeling pain symptoms, exposed to the ravages of toxic waste.This sign gives the area of ​​the human body that can not be cleaned and washed them.For example, colitis , heartburn or constipation are just the signs of dehydration and lack of fluid in the body.As the amount of water depends on insulin secretion of pancreatic cancer.If insulin is produced in small quantities because of dehydration of the human body, the more likely the occurrence of diabetes .

Any person in modern time trying to get rid of the pain medication.In most cases, come to the aid chemical pill that kills the pain almost instantly.But in the end, the disease begins to progress, and pathology develops.Particularly strong sense of it myself cells.That they are very detrimental to the action of chemical drugs and, most importantly, the lack of water.

Nowadays almost anyone happy to replace plain filtered water for tea, coffee, soda, beer ... But these drinks are only able to replace the needs of the human body in the water.The beverages of this type present dehydrating agent.They can only release the body from that of water that people drink and that has left.With regard to children, but recently they are taught various juices, sweet drinks and beverages from the store with different taste.Water remains in last place.Do not underestimate this useful liquid!Therefore it is necessary to remember and not to forget that only water can meet the need of the human body.

Izvekov Leonid, head of the Laboratory for the study of the structure of water "Aqua-system»:
- It is worth remembering that only spring water, as water from the restoration of the structure, using water filters , is a high-quality water!But everything else - food!This coffee, juice, soup, tea and a variety of carbonated liquid.It should be understood that the raw water is no substitute for this type of drink.They do not add the health of the human body.The most unique means, moreover, the healing may be only spring water and that water from the restored structure.Thanks to two liters of water can be so useful, not only to prevent disease, but even cure and get rid of existing ones.

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