«Sunny» Soup

500-600 g pumpkin, carrot, onion, vegetable oil, salt - to taste, pumpkin seeds, celery - on request.

carrots rubbed on a coarse grater, onion chopping.Fry onion and carrot in vegetable oil.Pumpkin cut into cubes and add to the zazharki, pour a little water until cooked carcass of the pumpkin.Blender pulverizes all, I salt.Celery cut into small pieces.I pour the soup into bowls, sprinkle slices of celery and sunflower seeds.

pumpkin soup

Chicken «bombs»

600 grams of chicken, 200 g chicken livers, 2 onions, 1-1.5 processed cheese, salt, ground black pepper - to taste, vegetable oil, bread crumbs.

my fillet, obsushivayut, each cut into 3 parts, slugger, I salt, pepper.Liver and onions chopped, fry in vegetable oil together, I salt, pepper.Grate cheese.In the center of the chicken chop spread ostuzhennoy liver with onions, grated cheese.Form of "bombs".I crumble them in breadcrumbs.All together, I spread on the foil and wrap.Bake in the oven at a temperature of 30 minutes.I unfold foil and ba

ke until golden brown.

«My Fish»

400-500 g cod fillet, lemon juice, 3-4 tablespoonsvegetable oil, a pinch of salt and 6 tablespoons, coconut flakes, 3 tablespoonsflour.

Cut the fish into pieces.I mix the lemon juice, 3 tablespoonsoil, salt.Get pour marinade over the fish, leaving 1.5 hours.Every piece falls off in a mixture of coconut and flour, fry quickly on a hot skillet in butter until golden brown, then spread on paper towels , to get rid of excess fat.


Pancakes stuffed with secret

3 eggs, 0.5 st.sour cream, 1/4 ch. l.baking powder, a pinch of salt, flour, cauliflower, vegetable oil.

divide the cauliflower into florets, boil in salted water.Eggs, sour cream, baking powder, salt and flour kneaded dough is sufficiently thick.Each inflorescence cabbage dipped in batter and fry in butter.