cold and flu season approaches.And, while the disease affects all people suffering from diabetes have some features in their prevention and treatment.

In addition to choosing the right products for the treatment of colds and consult with your doctor about the possible changes in the dosage of drugs, good diabetes management is to be ready for this day.

Check your blood sugar frequently

Colds with diabetes diabetes not well controlled if you get sick.This is because when your body fights infection, it releases a chemical stream that can change the response of your body to glucose and insulin.As a result, you may need to check blood sugar more often than usual.People with diabetes must test their blood sugar levels four times a day, and to check their urine for ketones every time when their blood sugar level higher than 16 mmol / l.

other medicines that you may need to take during the illness, may affect your blood sugar levels:

  • Aspirin may lower blood sugar levels
  • Some antibiotics can reduce blood sugar level
    s in those who acceptoral diabetic drugs
  • decongestant drug can raise blood sugar

Choosing the right cold medicine

Many medicines for colds and flu, especially cough syrup, high glucose (eg, tsitovir children to sixyears in the form of a syrup for diabetic patients this drug is best taken in capsule).If you have diabetes, the best choice for you - without sugar medications.Almost every major pharmacies are drugs against colds and flu without sugar.If you have questions, ask your pharmacist for help.

adjust your treatment plan

you need to monitor your blood sugar more often, and you may have to adjust your medications for diabetes.Some people may find that the rise in blood sugar occur more frequently, while other people, particularly those suffering from disorders of the stomach or diarrhea, may be faced with frequent hypoglycemia , or low blood sugar.In any case, you should know how to respond to these unusual fall and jumps in blood sugar.

Contact the doctor to get instructions on how to set up your medication dosage.This is especially important if your blood sugar readings remain above 13 mmol / l (over 24 hours).

But there are some things that you should not change if the endocrinologist did not recommend you to change the dosage based on your blood sugar levels, continue to take their medications for diabetes as directed.

makes you feel better without medicine

Remember, colds and flu does not last forever.If you want to feel better, take care of yourself:

  • Drink plenty of fluids .Small sips can help you stay hydrated, even if you have frequent vomiting.
  • Snack .Maybe you are not able to eat, but you should eat regularly.Liquid food such as soup or milk, or small amounts of easily digestible products such as applesauce, savory biscuits.

also a good idea to keep track of written medicines that you are taking as diabetes, and cough and cold, as well as the results of your blood sugar tests and other details of your illness.

Disease prevention

We would all like to avoid catching a cold or flu.If you have diabetes, the best way to avoid illness - is to keep their disease under control.Managing blood sugar - is the best thing you can do.

Uncontrolled blood sugar weakens your body fight infections, including those that cause colds and flu.If you can keep your blood sugar under control during normal days, you will have less sick days and if you get sick, your body will be able to recover faster.

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