Children with autism Children born to women with gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), as a rule, tend to be large and are subject to a drop in blood sugar levels during the first few days of life.They may also be at a higher risk of developing autism.

study showed that the risk applies to children born to women who had diabetes before pregnancy.

As your pregnancy progresses, symptoms such as blurred vision, high blood pressure and weight loss along with increased appetite, is a sound signal that a woman can be gestational diabetes.

connection between this condition and autism supports the notion that in the period before and after birth - a critical time for brain development.Harmful environmental influences, such as high blood sugar levels in pregnant women, or low blood sugar in children after birth, can break it.

Pregnant women with diabetes are known to have an increased risk of miscarriage, but until now researchers had no comprehensive evidence that increased sugar maternal risk for developing auti

sm in baby.

The new study examined 12 reports devoted to the study of the link between diabetes during pregnancy and autism in children.

All studies have shown that children with autism are more likely to suffer if the mother has diabetes during pregnancy.

analysis of the first study showed that women with gestational diabetes double the risk of having a child with autism.Some of these studies did not distinguish between the existing diabetes and gestational diabetes, but found that diabetes increases the overall risk of having a child with autism by nearly 50 percent.

Subsequent studies were somewhat more modest results.They have shown that pregnant women who develop gestational diabetes, the risk of having a child with autism increased nearly 45 percent, and among women with diabetes, the risk rises to above 75 per cent, compared with the control group.

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There are several potential explanations for the link between diabetes and autism.High blood sugar levels can lead to a decrease in oxygen supply to the brain and interfere with fetal brain development.Pregnant women with diabetes are also more likely to have inflammatory molecules in the bloodstream, which can affect the brain development of the fetus.

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