stick to a strict diet The worst disease - not deadly and incurable.Those who exhaust the person for many years, bringing suffering and holding based.These include a and diabetes .Today, medicine is powerless in front of this disease, the effectiveness of the treatment has no prospects, including diabetes and folk remedies.The aim of all methods of struggle with diabetes focused on continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels.

Folk treatment of diabetes is aimed at lowering the sugar and cholesterol levels.There are many recipes of traditional Tibetan medicine and against diabetes, we present here one of the most popular:

* The crushed leaves of blueberries in the amount of one tablespoon pour two cups of water and boil.Cool and strain.Take a quarter cup three times a day before meals.The course lasts for at least three months.If diabetes is not yet crossed the early stage of development, it is a very efficient tool.

Diabetics must adhere to a strict diet : it should be primarily plant-dairy foods on the basis of natu

ral products.Diabetes "respects" fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, various dairy products.Diabetes develops when insulin deficiency, which leads to an excess of sugar.So it makes sense to use as often as possible raw foods - they initiate the activity of the pancreas, so that the natural insulin produced.It is very beneficial for the patient with diabetes fresh cranberries.

Good lowers blood sugar ordinary radish, which, among other things, is rich in mineral salts and vitamins.But it should be borne in mind that the radish is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular failure and stomach ulcers.Extremely relevant in this disease, like diabetes, grapefruit, which can be eaten in unlimited quantities, as well as cucumbers, onions and garlic.One of the best of traditional treatment of diabetes - tea from the pods of legumes.Very useful for diabetics following morning cocktail recipe:

* A tablespoon of buckwheat pass through the grinder, add the resulting powder in a glass of buttermilk, mix thoroughly and drink at a time.

But recipes - or homeopathic medications, as well as national diabetes treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.Diabetes - a serious pathology, all proceeds differently, so you should stick to a strict regimen.Doctors insist that the patient had diabetes handy device that determines the level of sugar in the blood, and alarms can lower its available methods recommended by the attending physician.

from the last medical and technical innovations attention diabetics offered a unique physical therapy device for the treatment of diabetes "Insunorm."Its action is mildly stimulates the body's cells, which help authorities respond appropriately to glucose."Insunorm" allows people with diabetes take a fresh look at its future.The device reduces the unhealthy state when diabetes of the second type , and complications such as asthenia, insomnia, constipation, loss of limbs tangibility.

Endocrinology is the broadest ground for action "Insunorma", which can be used both in hospital and in home use.Remember: diabetes - it is not a sentence , are just some of the constraints that with the right approach can be easily adapted to everyday life.Be healthy!

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