Risk factors for diabetes Any person can be put diagnosed diabetes , some groups of people are more susceptible to the disease than others.Therefore, the following risk factors should be taken for consideration.

Age .Users forty-five years and older are more prone to develop diabetes.
excessive body weight or obesity .Overweight and obesity especially around the waist increases the risk for diabetes.Waist size greater than 102 cm for men and more than 90 cm for women - a crucial risk factor.
hereditary background .Anyone who has a first-degree relative with diabetes must be double careful.The same applies if a person is of African, Native American, Asian, or Hispanic.
Problems pregnancy .Women who have had diabetes during pregnancy or gave birth to at least one baby weighing more than 4 kg, can become ill with type 2 diabetes at a later stage of her life.
High blood pressure .If the pressure - 140 / 90mm or higher, one must be careful.
Inadequate supply of vitamin E from food.In this c

ase, you need to follow special instructions on the weekly dose.
Inadequate production of vitamin D. Studies have shown that children who live in areas with limited light and therefore their bodies produce less of vitamin D, more likely to develop type 1 diabetes .
Numbers blood test outside the boundaries have to make individual alarm.Such numbers:
LDL cholesterol (bad) is higher than 240 mg / dl, although some experts argue that there should be no more than 190 mg / dL.
LDL-cholesterol (good) less than 40 mg / dL for men and 50 mg / dl for women.
triglycerides 150 mg / dl or higher.The importance of blood triglyceride levels is not yet fully understood.However, statistics have shown that people with 150 mg / dl or higher, are prone to diabetes.
levels of fasting blood glucose was 6.7 mmol / l or more.
sedentary lifestyle .This risk factor applies to people who exercise less than three times a week.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.A woman with a history of the disease may be more prone to diabetes.
Vascular diseases, such as stroke.These patients should be checked on a regular basis.
Depressive symptoms over time.Surveys have shown that people with this kind of problem in a significant risk of developing diabetes.

Anyone to whom one or more of the above-mentioned key risk factors applicable, must be tested for the disease diabetes .If a person is forty-five years or older and there is obesity, it is urgently recommended to get tested for diabetes.If blood glucose level is higher than normal but lower than diabetes suspected, it may present pre-diabetes.In this case, the blood glucose level should be monitored for one or two years.