Question: I am 47 years old and was recently diagnosed with diabetes.I have the weight of about 25 kg and lead a sedentary lifestyle, but I sit on a diet and starting to exercise.Leave if my diabetes when I lose weight, I'll keep a diet and exercise regularly?

Answer: On the Web site of Adar, which provides guaranteed treatment of all diseases , has an interesting article about a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes, read.As for your question, it's great that you change your lifestyle to become healthier!It will bring you significant benefits, not only in controlling blood sugar levels, but also improve the level of cholesterol, strengthen bones and improve heart function.These changes provide a long list of health benefits, but allow if they stop taking the drug completely depends on several factors:

  • main cause of your diabetes
  • length of time you had "hidden" diabetes
  • How much time you are diagnoseddiabetes
  • How well your pancreas functions, including how much insulin it produces,
    and the degree of insulin resistance associated with obesity

Latent diabetes As you probably know, among the majority of adults, there are two reasons for the development of diabetes.This is due to insulin resistance resulting in overweight and lack of insulin in the pancreas.These two reasons are also interrelated.Many people whose diabetes is primarily the result of obesity and insulin resistance, potentially can reduce their blood glucose, lost substantial amounts of weight, and controlling glucose levels through diet and exercise , without taking drugs.It is assumed that their pancreas still produce enough insulin.

large number of diabetic patients, however, have the disease but do not know about it for at least five years prior to diagnosis.Over time, the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, reduce its function.Often, by the time a patient is diagnosed, the critical number of cells completely stops producing insulin.There is no way to change this.However, if diabetes is diagnosed at an early stage of the disease, the aggressive management can help you to prevent further loss of function in these cells.

Moreover, some diabetics control their blood glucose levels through diet only.I have several patients who were able to do so.All of them make enough insulin, they have lost weight or are in the ideal range of body weight, and watching his diet.