Israeli doctors and researchers are constantly develop and introduce into clinical practice innovative methods of treatment, so treatment in Israel is very effective.One of the new technologies in the field of endocrinology is insulin pump system with continuous glucose monitoring .

What is an insulin pump?

The insulin pump insulin pump - a device designed for continuous subcutaneous insulin.Insulin pump consists of a pump (including a user interface, a processor device for dispensing insulin and batteries), a small tank and insulin infusion system (including the cannula and catheters).The insulin pump has been developed about 30 years ago and is currently successfully used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus of both types.The insulin pump has the following advantages:

  • more accurate delivery of insulin;
  • good glucose control and reduced glycated hemoglobin HbA1C;
  • absence of significant fluctuations in blood glucose;
  • No need to regularly inject insulin using a pen;
  • Substantially freedom of choice of meal t
    imes and food composition;
  • No need to take a carbohydrate meal before exercise;
  • Reduced risk severe episodes of hypoglycemia.

How does an insulin pump?

The insulin pump is only a short or ultrashort insulin.The administration of insulin by means of two basic modes - basal and bolus.

  • Basal mode - insulin administered continuously for 24 hours, which replaces the thus injection extended insulina.V Unlike long-acting insulin, which introduced fixed dose all at once, using a pump, you can change the amount of insulin administered every hour.For example, in the morning, most patients need more insulin.On the contrary, during physical exertion required minimal amount of insulin.The pump can be programmed insulin in each particular case including the temporary increase or decrease in the dose.
  • bolus - insulin vvoditsyapo requirement that replaces the so short and ultrashort injections of insulin.This additional insulin is administered with a meal, and for correcting hyperglycemia.In contrast to the basal mode when using bolus mode each time you want to manually configure the insulin dose.

Modern insulin pumps have many additional features, including calculators for calculating insulin doses, alarms, and embedded system for measuring glucose.

systems for measuring blood glucose

measurement of blood glucose levels is an integral part of insulin therapy.In clinical practice, to control glucose levels using various instruments:

  • meter. meter consists of an electronic device (including a user interface, a processor and a battery), a needle (lancet) to obtain a drop of blood and the test strips.When using the meter glucose control is done by the patient at least 4 times a day.
  • system for continuous monitoring of blood glucose. To estimate the concentration of glucose in blood glucose can be measured in other body fluids.A continuous glucose monitoring system -etonovoe device capable of measuring the concentration of glucose in the interstitial fluid in real time.The device consists of a sensor (platinum electrode, subcutaneously), the monitor (recording glucose level at regular intervals of time) and the data transfer device to the computer.When using this device glucose control is performed automatically for all 24 hours.

often for the most accurate measurement of glucose, both systems are used together.

«artificial pancreas»

Gradually it became clear that a device combining two advanced technologies (insulin pump and a system of continuous monitoring of blood glucose) into a single method of treatment will create conditions fully reproduce the function of the pancreas.This idea became the impetus for the development of insulin pump system with continuous glucose monitoring .Due to the complex software using this modern device fails to fully automate the supply of insulin depending on glucose level in blood.This private and fully autonomous system called "artificial pancreas."

«artificial pancreas" is used for treatment in Europe, the US and Israel.One of the leading experts in the field of diabetes treatment in Israel is Dr. O.Minuhin - head of department of diabetes DRA Medical .Doctor Minuhin specializes in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, as well as many other diseases of the endocrine system.

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