Diabetes is a serious disease and if you do not take any action to prevent or treat, very quickly your body will cease to deal with its basic destructive factors - high blood sugar.Diabetes in the first place may be sick people who were sick in the family with this disease.Although those who do not have such relatives can also develop diabetes.

Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle, overload, stress, poor diet, which is dominated by the food rich in fats and carbohydrates, can lead to serious problems associated with the production of insulin.It is the hormone responsible for normal blood sugar.

Typically, problems with the production of insulin begin gradually.The body does not immediately lose their ability to produce it.There is a slow decline of his generation.Depending on the degree of generating the pancreas of the hormone, there are three types of diabetes.Type 2 diabetes can be characterized or total lack of insulin or inadequate elaboration.

Facts about type 2 diabetes

This type of diabetes i

s diagnosed in 85-90% of cases.Typically, due to genetic factors, and is associated with increased body weight and obesity.If you take and outline the portrait of such a patient, it is usually obese people who are over 40. Symptoms of the disease: frequent urination, unusual increase in appetite, constant thirst, numbness of extremities, irritability and depression.

main methods of treatment, if the form neinsulinozavisimaya of receiving medicinal and herbal medicines.Use of natural products and vegetable is very effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.The use of fish oil can significantly strengthen the body and reduce the likelihood of ill insulin-dependent form of diabetes.

Such statements are based on recent studies, which have allowed to say that a greater intake of omega-3, which is composed of fish oil can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body of the patient with diabetes type 2.Typically, people with this type of diabetes has bad LDL cholesterol, which is at a higher level than a healthy person.Also, people with this disease are less good cholesterol HDL.But his absence may be supplemented by the use of fish oil.

Eating fish oil - it is a good step in the treatment of diabetes

Fish fat

study shows that using fish oil are added to the level of good cholesterol HDL.The study, which was the substance that gave 42 adult diabetics 4 grams of fish oil for eight weeks, showed an increase in the levels of good cholesterol.Moreover, the level of bad cholesterol has gone down significantly.As a result, patients began to feel much better.

Despite this breakthrough, control carbohydrate intake is still very important for patients with diabetes type 2.Also, one should always remember about his weight, but rather on its reduction, so your diet should focus on this factor.Lifestyle with regular exercise also helps reduce blood sugar levels.And it is important not to self-medicate with such a disease, and to consult with doctors about the steps taken.

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