Diabetes - common pathology among the population.It can be divided into insulin-dependent and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.Thus in the treatment of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus hypoglycemic agents used in tablet form in the background diet.They are used since 1956, and to this day are relevant in the treatment of diabetes.

Classification antidiabetic drugs

They can be divided into a group of derivatives of sulfonylurea and biguanide group.The first group includes glibenclamide, trade names - Manila, Amaryl.It operates daily, is metabolized in the liver.There are two ways excretion.The dosage is selected individually.

such preparation as Amaryl is used once a day, which is convenient to use.

another drug to reduce the sugar - or glipizide minidiab.This drug acts during the day.Most excreted in the urine.It was found that this means not only a beneficial effect on carbohydrate metabolism, but has a positive effect on the cholesterol lowering triglycerides and total cholesterol.

Diabeton Gliclazide or diabeton addition to effects on carbohydrate metabolism, affects the homeostatic system, providing a positive impact on small vessels.It helps in dealing with difficult complications of diabetes - microangiopathy .

gliquidone, or otherwise glyurenorm safe for patients with kidney disease.

Group biguanide drugs, including metformin or siafor have a beneficial effect on the metabolism of glucose and cholesterol metabolism, affect appetite, reducing it, so well suited for people with excess weight, in the framework of the treatment of metabolic syndrome.This group of drugs has a positive effect on the microcirculation, prevents the development of atherosclerosis .

All medications taken by diabetes, appointed and controlled by a doctor.In addition to taking the drug need to diet with restriction of carbohydrates, as well as periodic monitoring of blood parameters.

Insulin therapy in the fight against diabetes

insulinotherapy Insulin allows compensate for a deficiency of the hormone insulin.It is necessary to move glucose into the cell and its recycling to form energy.Only a small proportion of patients require the administration of insulin.Insulin therapy is indicated for decompensated form of diabetes, weight loss, operations, pregnancy, when it is not effective hypoglycemic agents, etc.

pharmaceutical market represents a wide range of insulin.They can be divided according to the type of action to: ultrashort, short, medium and long duration.There are also combined with insulin.

Technique insulin injections

Take the syringe and dialed the air, then plunged the needle into the bottle of medicine, air is introduced, and then the piston is pulled and gaining a little more insulin dose required.Pre-injection site is treated with a small amount of alcohol, and form a crease needle subcutaneously.While pushing the plunger administered drug.If you want to introduce two drugs that use the same needle.And patients can use a syringe for several days without sterilizing it.

Insulins medium activities such as protofan, Humulin basal can be used simultaneously with the short-acting insulin.However, long-acting insulins, such as insulong, Monotard should not be confused with short insulin.

It is necessary to remember that the introduction of insulin subcutaneously in the abdomen, it is rapidly absorbed than when administered in the thigh or upper arm.This is especially necessary to remember when taking food or physical activity, in order not to lead to hypoglycemia.

side effects of insulin therapy

Basically insulin well tolerated.But there can be allergic reactions at the injection site, slight changes in vision, who are themselves after a while.It is necessary to change the injection site to avoid adverse reactions.

hypoglycemia Caution!

Reducing sugars less below lower limit of normal in the blood is also dangerous as hyperglycemia.Main symptoms: drowsiness, lethargy, shiver, hunger, pain, headaches, abdominal pain, bouts of palpitations, sweating.In the following emerge confusion, decreased consciousness until his loss and coma.

If suddenly appeared symptoms of hypoglycemia need to eat a piece of sugar or sweet tea with bread, sweet candy.Therefore, the best pieces of sugar to carry to avoid these symptoms.

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