Treatment of diabetes in Israel

Therapeutic measures against diabetes clinics in Israel provide a holistic approach to treatment.Patients are under the constant supervision of several experts - endocrinologist, nutritionist, cardiologist, microsurgery, physiotherapists and others.Each patient is treated by the latest generation of effective drugs on the individual program with additional treatments, specially designed diet and regular exercise.

Diabetes comprises a group of endocrine diseases that attack the human body as a result of deficiency of the hormone insulin, normalizing blood glucose concentration.

characteristic signs of diabetes and the mechanism of the disease

Typical symptoms of diabetes - the development of hyperglycemia (an abnormal condition that indicates an increased sugar content in the blood serum) and a violation of metabolism in the body.Foods ingested, digested with the release of glucose.It is absorbed into the blood vessels, it comes together with the blood cells, as their main energetic material, an

d ensures their growth.

Deliver glucose into cells helps pancreatic hormone insulin.Diabetes develops when there is insufficient secretion of this hormone or decreased sensitivity of body cells to it.Therefore, glucose can not enter the cells, it accumulates in the blood, which then together with the urine excreted.

types of diabetes

In this group of diseases the most known three types:

  • diabetes first type refers to an autoimmune disease characterized by dysfunction of the human immune system, in which it attacks the cells in the pancreas responsible for producing insulin, significantlyreducing its production or stopping altogether.Therefore, for patients with this disease is vital daily intake of insulin.Scientists have not been able to figure out exactly what triggers the immune system to behave in this way.Numerous scientific studies have shown that it is not the last place in the development of this disease take genetic, autoimmune, environmental factors, as well as viral diseases.Diabetes is the first type can develop in people of different ages, but most of them suffer from young people and children.Its symptoms (increased thirst, without passing hunger, frequent urination, blurred vision, weight loss), usually develop very quickly and can even lead to extremely dangerous complications of diabetes - diabetic coma.
  • diabetes type - the most common form of this group of diseases is diagnosed in 90-95% of cases.Most often it is associated with age-related changes, genetics, obesity, lack of physical activity.Pancreas in this case produces enough insulin, but some unknown factors interfere with the body to use it efficiently, lowers insulin resistance.Over time, its output falls, there is an accumulation of glucose in the blood, which the body can not effectively be used as the primary energy source.Symptoms of this type of disease develops gradually.Elevated blood sugar leads to the appearance of a person frequent urination, thirst, hunger.This disturbed vision, a slow healing of scratches, sores, cuts, wounds on the body.Type II diabetes is dangerous sharp deterioration of view, the development of renal failure, diabetic foot syndrome and other diseases.
  • Gestational diabetes - type of diabetes diagnosed in women in the later stages of gestation.Its symptoms usually disappear after delivery, but this kind of disease increases the risk of diabetes in women of the second type in the future (in the next five - ten years).


timely and correctly diagnosed the disease, like any other, is the key to productive treatment.Diagnosis of diabetes of any type begins with the patient, anamnesis, laboratory tests of blood and urine samples.A blood test taken in the morning on an empty stomach.It is the most common and reliable method to establish the actual level of sugar in the blood.Normal glucose indicator - 3,3-5,5 mmol / l in the capillary blood and 6.1 mmol / l - in the plasma and venous blood.Exceeding these indicators is a determining factor for diagnosis.

confirm the presence of established diabetes, as well as to reveal its latent form of help test glucose tolerance when the patient offered a drink fasting beverage containing 75 grams of glucose dissolved in water.Then half an hour and two hours of taking blood samples for research.The index level of sugar in the blood of a healthy person will be reduced to normal levels in patients with diabetes, it is at high elevations - 7,7-11 mg / dL.

Diabetes care in Israeli hospitals

main objectives of the treatment of diabetes - to bring the performance of blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure to the normative range.In Herzliya Medical Center Israel used drugs to reduce blood sugar levels.Treatment with insulin injections gives a positive result in the first type of diabetes, diabetic pregnant women and in the second type of diabetes, when drugs do not give the expected results.

the treatment of diabetes, Israeli doctors use different types of insulin:

  • short-acting active for several hours.
  • Long-acting, working for one and a half days.
  • intermediate-acting, working for about ten hours.

great help in dealing with the use of insulin has an insulin pump - an electronic device that controls the level of glucose in the blood and, as appropriate, supply drugs.

basic medical and preventive measures aimed at the treatment of diabetes in Israel:

  • Therapeutic and prophylactic diet allows to saturate the body and find the right balance of essential nutrients - carbohydrates, proteins, fats.
  • Restoring the body's optimum level of oxygen.
  • Developing individual treatment program aimed at restoring the functions of the affected kidney complications of diabetes, blood vessels, heart, eyes.
  • Appointment in conjunction with therapeutic measures individual complex physiotherapy.This takes into account the patient's age, general health status, presence of concomitant diabetes pathologies.
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