Amputation of the leg With limb amputation faced by many diabetics.But now these people have hope for the reduction of such cases due to the new development of the American company Dibetica Solutions, which is a device manufactured by an ordinary thermometer.

This device runs on batteries using infrared rays to measure the temperature in the feet, where its rise indicates inflammation and possible damage to the limbs.

If you have diabetes, there is nerve damage in the legs (diabetic neuropathy), leading to a loss of sensation in the foot, which is a very dangerous condition: the slightest injury, cut, wound, prick, scratch can lead to serious infection.There are cases when antibiotics are not effective already, developing gangrene and amputation becomes the only way out of the affected organ.

new device will allow people with diabetes on a daily basis to control the temperature at six points of the foot, obtained by comparing the new figures to previous ones.Serious difference recorded for two days or more - a reason f

or reducing the load on the legs and an urgent appeal to the doctor.

Clinical studies have shown a modified thermometer ego efficiency: the researchers noted a decline of one-third of the number of cases of diabetic foot.

This technique allows diabetics dosed load on the foot like the insulin dose depending on the glucose concentration in the blood.

More extensive monitoring of patients with diabetes with the use of this device is prepared experts in Norway.

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