When we were handing out the wishes of friends, in the first place always say: "Health ...".Health is given to us from birth, and we have to watch him all the time.

Taurine Today we talk about the second type of diabetes, which is rapidly spreading, takes on the character of the epidemic.Aiming to improve the treatment of this disease, medicine recently draws attention to the substance-regulators of metabolic processes, one of which is taurine.Scientists have discovered that a number of diseases, including diabetes mellitus, in the body there is a lack of taurine.

Taurine is an important regulator of the body's balance.As it turned out, health is directly dependent on the level of consumption of taurine - Genetically our bodies are not able to produce taurine in the necessary amount for it, so we should get taurine daily with food - mostly seafood.The need for taurine increases with age, diabetes, heart disease and many other diseases.

How to protect your body in a lack of taurine?In this case, the drug w

ill Dibikor developed by Russian scientists on the basis of taurine.The drug is indicated for patients with diabetes, chronic heart failure, elevated cholesterol levels.Treatment Dibikorom helps normalize cholesterol and blood sugar, slows the progression of diabetes, improves heart, gently regulates blood pressure.

Dibikor , without canceling the traditional treatment of diabetes and helps to improve the compensation of the disease.When adding Dibikora treatment antidiabetic drugs is recommended to control blood sugar levels.Dibikor has virtually no side effects, is well compatible with other drugs, and its effectiveness is proven in clinical research in our country.

Dibikor protect your body in a lack of taurine helps regulate metabolism and improve heart function.The preparation is available in pharmacies without a prescription is required for the optimum effect of exchange rate reception for at least 3 months.

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