Treatment of hypoglycemia first step in the treatment of hypoglycemia is prevention.Measures to prevent include: do not overdo the exercise and always eat a balanced diet , which contains a sufficient amount of carbohydrates.It is also important not to engage in fasting or take alcohol or to drink in small quantities.

Prevention of hypoglycemia in the insulin response in people with diabetes include: regular control the level of sugar in the blood , carbohydrate counting and observance of a well-balanced healthy diet and regular physical exercise program .

People with risk of hypoglycemia, such as patients with diabetes , should carry with them a business card or other form of medical identification, saying that a person may be subjected to hypoglycemia.Treatment

hypoglycemia includes ingesting food and / or fluids that contain glucose.In severe cases in which the person has become confused, unconscious, or may be unable to swallow food or liquid, glucose fed through intramuscular injection or intravenously.

main disease that causes hypoglycemia also requires treatment to prevent or minimize future episodes of hypoglycemia.Treatment plans are individualized depending on the cause, the presence of other coexisting diseases, the patient's age and other factors.

List of treatment for hypoglycemia

Treatment of hypoglycemia mentioned in various sources, including the following list. Always seek professional medical advice about any treatment or change in treatment plans .

treatment of acute cases of hypoglycemia include:

• Sugar - almost any kind of glucose or other sugar: candy, fruit juice, condensed milk, chocolate, candy, etc.
• An injection of glucagon
• Emergency treatment

Treatment of reactive hypoglycemia that occurs after a meal, include:

• Changing your diet
• a low-carbohydrate diet
• Eating small portions
• Snacks
• Regular gymnastics

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