diabetes, as well as many other diseases, is now much younger and often occurs even in young children.In such cases, the disease is relatively heavy, is progressing rapidly and is fraught with serious consequences.This is due to the strong growth of the child's body and an active metabolism. Diagnosis of diabetes in children based on the determination of disease symptoms, blood glucose and insulin in their blood.

Causes of diabetes in childhood

Diabetes in children

Children most often insulin-dependent diabetes (the first type).The peak of the disease falls on the age of five - seven years.The cause of diabetes in these patients is impaired function of the pancreas, insulin underfunded.

Despite the great achievements of modern medicine, the cause of the disease is not fully understood.The most significant factor provoking diabetes - genetic predisposition child.As a rule, there is a risk of transmission through the male line.

This disease can also be an immune nature, when the immune system malfunctions occur, and

she mistakenly attacks cells in the pancreas responsible for producing insulin, mistaking them for foreign education in the body.Diabetes can cause the child severe nervous shock, fear, trauma and head injuries, unhealthy food.

It is a complex disease with serious consequences that can affect all vital systems and organs.Lack of insulin concentration in the child's body can lead to an increase in blood glucose, which is very dangerous for the life of a young patient.

symptoms of diabetes in children

small size of the pancreas in children's body cause more pronounced symptoms of illness: children are much more likely to suffer from adult constant thirst, nocturnal enuresis, nausea;they dramatically lose weight, get tired quickly;may have visual disturbances, skin lesions;they find it difficult to concentrate for long.

Diabetes in children's hospitals

Experts paid child health clinics and free clinics may offer treatment for all types of diabetes in children and adolescents with known modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.And every patient to select the optimal form of treatment based on age and therapeutic indications.Therapeutic measures are monitored and other specialists.

Diabetes in our time is based on the replacement of insulin.In cases where the development of diabetes complications in danger, conducted operations on pancreas transplantation.The medication is used drugs, lowering blood glucose concentration (it usually insulin and other agents with similar effect).

sick child must adhere to a medical diet.In addition, it is assigned a physical therapy - electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, magnetic therapy.Now foreign clinics practicing the treatment of diabetes by transplantation of stem cells, as well as using a new method - hemocorrection extracorporeal blood.These techniques are used to help children with diabetes with different degrees of complexity of the disease.

Diabetes lasts a lifetime.But time provide quality medical treatment will stop further progression of the disease, it will facilitate the flow of the little patient.

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