diabetes mellitus In recent decades, mankind has come close to the danger of life due to the disease called diabetes .This disease is not new, but the diabetes progresses, and being captured, more and more people.The

our progress achieves great success, IQ is higher the more people are subjected to diabetes.

official statistics show that 3% of the world population have diabetes, and it is almost 150 million people.The other bad news is that diabetes younger , and the disease is often diagnosed in children.

How does this disease?What are our chances of avoiding a meeting with him?Let's look at it.Scientists say that diabetes is caused by metabolic disorders.

Metabolic disorders, most often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, neglect of exercise and visits to the doctor, even a hike to the dentist and to consult a urologist, and sometimes simply not possible for us.But there are other factors that cause the diabetes, for example, congenital conditions, and other diseases or adverse effects of certain drugs


Diabetes is traditionally divided into two types. first type of diabetes - childhood and adolescence.This type of diabetes is due to changes in the endocrine cells of the pancreas.The first type of diabetes is characterized by symptoms such as constant thirst, sudden weight loss, large amounts of urine (polyuria).This type of diabetes is treated with insulin injections.

Diabetes Type II diagnosed, usually in the elderly.The second type of diabetes already recognize if there are complications.This type of diabetes is due to obesity, poor eating and, in rare cases because of genetic predisposition.Type II diabetes has symptoms such as a sharp decrease in vision, thirst, skin ulcers, fatigue and headaches.This type of diabetes requires constant diet throughout life.From diet excludes all foods containing sugar, do not abuse bold, spicy, salty, smoked, fried.It should be a permanent maintenance of the body with medication.

Symptoms, signs, causes of the disease, can be found on the website diabetes , and ask questions online doctor-endocrinologist.

healthy lifestyle will greatly reduce the risk of disease, not only diabetes, but also prevents you from many other unpleasant consequences.Take care of yourself, watch your health!

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